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Results of the Pipe Down Regatta '24 : 

Open Category:



Season '23 -'24 Winners:

Most Promising Sailor:

Rehaan Dar

Youngest Sailor:

Boy: Naksh Mehta

Girl: Tarini Singhal

The aim of the O’pen Skiff Sailing Association is to facilitate a format of dinghy sailing that is exciting and fun for young sailors. At present there are over 10 countries that have regular event calendars of national competitions, and the World Championships are the pinnacle each year. 

The event style is very original, with some highly innovative courses and race rules derived from fun boarding, where races are short and quick, the course changes regularly and can include crosswind legs and freestyle moves or an adventure race, and protests are judged immediately out on the water so no racing time or effort is wasted! These improvements are in line with World Sailing Rules of Sailing, and are quite a break from the last 40 years of «classic» sailing. O’pen Skiff regattas are a cocktail of fun and pure regatta racing, great for motivating our young sailors and keeping them hooked for life!


Conducted an intensive and strategic training camp in anticipation of the highly anticipated 5th edition of the Prestigious Phuket Kings Cup, scheduled for December. This comprehensive preparatory event seamlessly blended rigorous skill development sessions with insightful team bonding exercises and dynamic team building activities, fostering a cohesive and resilient team spirit among the participants. As the anticipation for the upcoming competition reached new heights, the camp served as a crucible of camaraderie, skill refinement, and collective determination, ensuring that the team is not only physically and technically prepared but also united in purpose, poised to leave an indelible mark on the prestigious tournament.